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Legal services for foreigners in Ukraine

We assist foreigners in resolving issues of any complexity. We will represent your interests in state bodies on issues of paperwork in Ukraine. We will provide you legal advice on marriage in Ukraine, registration and registration of a residence permit and citizenship of Ukraine.

Legal protection of foreign citizens includes:

• Consulting a lawyer in legal matters, suggesting the best way out of this situation.

• Assistance in the preparation of any legal documents (statement of claim, petitions, statements, complaints, and others).

• Representation of interests of foreign citizens in a court of general jurisdiction, appeal, Supreme.

• Representation of interests of foreign citizens in the prosecutor’s office.

• Support (maintenance) of civil, administrative, criminal cases

What services can we provide to foreign customers?

• Obtaining and renewing a residence permit in Ukraine

• Obtaining Ukrainian citizenship

• Legal assistance in marriage

• Purchase and rental of real estate in Ukraine

• Advice on doing business in Ukraine

• Registration of business in Ukraine

• Taxes

• Civil law

•Administrative law

• Criminal law

Registration and receipt of a certificate of registration of a person as a citizen of Ukraine:

• Obtaining a temporary certificate of a citizen of Ukraine

• Extension of the stay in Ukraine

• Obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit

• Obtaining immigration permission

• Registration of a residence permit to foreigners and stateless persons who immigrated to Ukraine for permanent residence

• Issuing and receiving invitations to foreigners and stateless persons who immigrated to Ukraine for permanent residence.

• Issuing and receiving invitations to foreigners and stateless persons for obtaining visa documents to enter Ukraine at the request of individuals and at the request of legal entities.

• Obtaining a certificate of a stateless person to travel abroad

Foreign citizens located in Ukraine may be held administratively liable for a number of violations such as:

• Driving under the influence of alcohol / drugs

• Lack of residence permit or expired temporary residence permit

• Lack of permission for official employment (if required)

• Violations of the order of movement and change of place of residence

• Violation of registration

• Violation of transit conditions

• Stay in the territory of Ukraine after the end of the period of permitted stay

A measure of responsibility for such administrative offenses may be the deportation of foreigners with a ban on further entry into the territory of Ukraine. In practice, cases of the use of this type of punishment by the migration service have become more frequent. In some cases, with knowledge of all the subtleties of legislation, negative consequences can be avoided, the punishment can be mitigated, or the violated interests and rights of a foreigner can be restored.

We  provide  legal  advice  and  assistance to  citizens  of  any   country!

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